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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Andrew Harvey's Christ Path 

from the Shift Network:

Dear Dorothy Walters,

I'm writing to let you know that registration for Andrew Harvey's Christ Path Advanced Intensive closes at midnight Pacific Tonight, Wednesday, June 25.

This will be the last email about his course, so I wanted to invite you to close your eyes, let go of worldly "to-dos" and distractions for a moment -- and just feel the essence of this beautiful man, who has touched so many hearts and inspired so many souls already.

Are you ready to embark on one of the greatest spiritual adventures of your life? To discover the advanced teachings and practices hidden in the depths of esoteric Christianity? To commune and co-create with other sacred hearts and minds from across the world? To fully awaken and embody your Christ nature in your daily life?

If you get a resounding "yes" in your heart, you can register here:

The Christ Path Advanced Intensive with Andrew Harvey

In my experience, Andrew is the rarest kind of teacher, as brilliant as he is loving; passionately sharing his insights with a wide open heart and unflinching commitment to the truth. His unique wisdom helps us to see through centuries of religious misinterpretation to reveal the essence of Jesus' true message -- which is that his path is available to us all.

If you register today, you'll get access to the recordings and transcripts of the first two sessions, so you can catch up with everyone already in the course.

And then you can join Andrew LIVE, tonight at 5:00pm for the next session in his in-depth training on "The Cauldron of the Gospel of Thomas."

And remember, when you sign up this extended course, you’ll also receive all of the recordings and materials from Andrew’s 7-module introductory training at no additional cost.

Plus, you'll join a global community of 250 people who are diving deep into their core and embodying the Christ path to bring more heaven down to earth.

Today is also the last day to apply for a partial scholarship. We don't want you to let finances be a barrier to you walking the Christ Path, so if you're called but need some assistance, please do apply: Apply for a scholarship tonight, June 25, by midnight Pacific.

So, if you're truly committed to your spiritual awakening -- and are called to enter into this transformative field of sacred activism with Andrew Harvey -- reserve your spot here: 9-Month Advanced Intensive Christ Path

  In spirit,

The Shift Network 101 San Antonio Rd Petaluma, California 94952 United States

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