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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Challenging Corporate Power 

The following announcement from the Shift Network is extremely important.  Corporate power is in fact taking over our world, proceeding almost unchecked in "destroying our planet."  Only if the people band together to oppose this takeover will we survive.


FRIDAY, June 20 at 12:00pm Pacific - Challenging Corporate Power: Locally! with Stephanie Hervey, Sustainable World Coalition
Dear Dorothy Walters,

Can you believe we are almost sliding into the last week of the Sustainability Action Program? Before the home stretch next week, though, we’re addressing the very important topic of transforming corporate control. There was an amazing call on Monday on corporate personhood (still time to listen in!), and Friday you’ll hear from the mayor of Richmond, California about how their town is transforming. Check it out!

COMING UP NEXT on Spring of Sustainability
THIS FRIDAY, June 20, 12:00pm Pacific

Challenging Corporate Power: Locally! with Stephanie Hervey, Sustainable World Coalition

Can cities challenge corporations? Yes! Leveraging the creative power of local municipalities – where personal connections still matter more than big money – is a viable means to reinvigorate democracy and challenge corporate greed. But, as Mayor Gayle McLaughlin knows, it’s not easy. The citizens of Richmond, California have taken on big oil, big money, and big sugar. Join our live conversation with Mayor McLaughlin to learn how a working class town of predominantly low-income people of color has mustered the people-power necessary to become a more sustainable, equitable, and corporate-savvy city.
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Here’s what happened earlier this week:

Corporate Personhood: The Constitutional “Right” to Environmental Destruction with Move to Amend - Listen in to this powerful session recording to learn about what can be done to overcome the rights of corporations to destroy our planet in the name of profit.


During the Sustainability Action Program, you’ll learn about many different actions you can take to live more deeply connected with your commitment to sustainability. We’ve gathered some of these ideas in a personalized online Action Tracker for you. Here’s the link.


Throughout the week, you'll have many rich opportunities to learn about new sustainability practices and insights. We invite you to comment, ask questions, share resources, and connect with us and others on The Spring of Sustainability Facebook page. We’ll be watching that page, so if you have questions or comments for the hosts or guests, post them there.


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And we know that having permanent access to the wisdom of the summit can really help you integrate and practice what you learn here. We have created three affordable options for you to get access to the downloadable recordings and transcripts so you can access the information any time, and as many times as you want. There are some great bonuses, too! It includes all the sessions from both the Earth Day Celebration, as well as those in the 9-week Sustainability Action Program.

Find out all the details on our Sustainability Action Kit here:

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Here’s to a truly inspirational Sustainability Action Program — turning crises into creative solutions and co-creating a sustainable new world for all!

  Alison Marks
Director of Telesummits, The Shift Network

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