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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer of Peace 

I received the following from the Shift Network--truly worth your time.


**TODAY** SATURDAY, June 21, 11:30am Pacific: World Peace Prayer - Igniting the Season of Prayer and Meditation with David Nicol, Fumi Johns Stewart, Chief Arvol Looking Horse & Avon Mattison
SUNDAY, June 22, 9:00am Pacific: Spirituality & Peace Sunday with Chief Arvol Looking Horse

Dear Dorothy Walters,

Tuesday’s “Beyond Right and Wrong” session was one of the most powerful interviews on how we can create peace in our relationships and the world! Please, please, please listen to and share the recording with your loved ones! A dear friend of mine heard the interview and is now helping his wife forgive her father for childhood trauma. (See below for more information about the session and free resources.)

It is such a profound opportunity we have to really learn how to embody and create peace in our lives and the world.

And now – this Saturday and Sunday – we can celebrate the solstice with Chief Arvol Looking Horse from the Lakota Nation by joining him and thousands of people in global meditations and prayers for peace and honoring of sacred sites.  (The first meditation event will be Saturday at 11:30am Pacific - see below.)

We can do it, we must do it – be the peace we want to see in the world and take practical action.

Please join the meditations and prayers this weekend!

Read on below to catch up on what happened. But first!...

(Click here to see the full schedule.)

SATURDAY, June 21, 11:30am Pacific
World Peace Prayer - Igniting the Season of Prayer and Meditation with David Nicol, Fumi Johns Stewart, Chief Arvol Looking Horse & Avon Mattison

In honor of World Peace and Prayer Day, this special global teleconference/webcast is co-sponsored by the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS), Gaiafield Project, Pathways to Peace, and the Evolutionary Leaders, and it will help launch the Summer of Peace Program. The World Peace Prayer will feature prayers of peace from Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the Evolutionary Leaders, Minute of Silence invocation by Avon Mattison of Pathways to Peace, an Attunement meditation by David Nicol of the Gaiafield Project, and May Peace Prevail on Earth Prayers by Fumi Stewart of WPPS.
Your dial-in number and PIN for all of the Summer of Peace Summit sessions are:

Call in number: +1-530-216-4294 (click here for other access numbers and methods)
Your access PIN is: 489865# (backup PIN: 669279#)
If you’ll be listening over the internet instead of on the phone, click on the links in the schedule above - or you can always click through to the webcast from the program page.


Beyond Right and Wrong
This is by far one of the most powerful interviews that provides practical insights on how to create peace in our personal relationships and the world. Lekha Singh shared why she created the film Beyond Right and Wrong. It looks at how people reconciled and found forgiveness after horrible atrocities in Rwanda, Northern Ireland and Israel-Palestine. Lekha said the film inspires viewers to examine themselves and to take steps to address torn relationships in their own lives. Mitch Warner and the Arbinger Institute provide people who watch the film with a user guide with proven methods on how to heal wounds and create peace with others. This is a powerful “one-two” combination – inspiration with the film and how-to from Arbinger Institute. Ambassador McDonald then joined the conversation and said he has used the film and guide. He shared the story of how he helped create the International Day of Peace. He’s now working with Costa Rica to make the International Day of Peace a national holiday around the world!


I strongly encourage you to watch Lekha’s film Beyond Right and Wrong. It’s available free online and when you watch it, $.50 is donated to a nonprofit organization - click here. After you watch the film, please go to The Reconciliation Project to get the user guide available from the Arbinger Institute - click here.

Also, Ambassador McDonald wants people to see the U.N. Resolution that he drafted for Costa Rica, calling for September 21st to be a global holiday for all member states in celebration of the International Day of Peace. Here is an article Ambassador McDonald wrote for us - click here.


Each day you'll have many rich opportunities to learn and implement strategies to bring peace — from the personal to the planetary — to the next level. We invite you to comment, ask questions, share resources, and connect with us and others throughout the day on The Summer of Peace’s Facebook page. The hosts will be watching that page for questions, so if you have questions or comments for the hosts or guests, post them there.


This is a perfect time to share this great free offering with your friends and colleagues. Even if people miss the start of the summit, they'll have free access to the replays forever, so they have plenty of time to listen, learn and be inspired by these illuminating sessions.

We’ve set up a beautiful page which has all kinds of resources to help you help us get the word out about The Summer of Peace. Email your friends, share on Facebook and Twitter, post on your blog… click here to see what we have for you!

Here’s to a truly inspirational summer — transforming conflicts in your heart, your relationships and our world!

Philip Hellmich
Director of Peace, The Shift Network

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