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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

UFO's over our city and Kundalini rapture  

Every so often an event occurs that is well out of the ordinary.  Recently two such came to my attention.

The first event occurred like this:  my friend and her husband (who live in Boulder) had gone to bed, but kept hearing voices outside their house.  They went out to see what was happening, and found several of their neighbors congregated outside, all looking up at the sky.

First, there were several smaller lights overhead, but these merged with one of two larger, red lights, which hovered above for several minutes.  Finally, one of the larger lights took off at a very high speed, and the other simply disappeared.

As always, there are questions surrounding these anomalous events.  Were these lights indeed emanating from alien craft?  If so, why were they here, above our home town?  What was going on?

The second anomalous event was this:  On a recent morning, I happened to be listening (via my computer) to a YouTube feature of Krishna Das singing kirtan.  Before I knew it, I was again drifting into familiar bliss, first around the face and head, then moving into the hands and arms.  Once more, I floated off into a state of soft rapture--and then something inspired me to write the poem that I posted recently (it is named Krishna Das).  I quickly wrote down the poem (like taking dictation, more than composing), then went back to listening, but by now the spell was broken.  I enjoyed the remainder of the program, but never recaptured the bliss state of my earlier experience.

Question: did the pause to write the poem simply shift my brain from a "right brain focus" to a "left brain focus"?  And, furthermore, what is it that occurs (chemicallly or physiologically) in the brain that causes it to "shift"?  Do other people experience such changes?

Kundalini is, I believe, primarily a "right brain" experience.  At times music can awaken the rapturous inner energies.  Since this  state is essentially a subjective response, it is beyond the capacities of science to measure it or even verify that it takes place.  Whatever it is, it is a "self validating experience," one we long to repeat as often as possible and something that tells us we are part of a reality far greater than ourselves.

Thus--both the seeming alien aircraft encounter and the rapture aroused by Krishna Das are themselves "mysteries," fascinating but ultimately inexplicable.

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