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Friday, July 04, 2014

" The Flag"--Raphael Jesus Gonzalez 

The Flag

At our best
                    we show our true colors,
                       fly the flag that stands
                       for our deepest, broadest
                      allegiance to each other,
                      to the Earth holy & diverse.

                   These are my colors:

                   red of my love that colors all
                 & is the root &; flower &; fruit,
               the heart of my belief
                 & what I know of truth.

               orange of my abandon, my surrender
                     to my living, mindless of laws
                 that would fetter the steps
                    of my wildest dances.

                  yellow of my joy that tastes
                   of the sun, exultation in the
                  wealth of the senses,
                  root of my power & my love.

                    green of my hopes that wing
                    my desires & lend will
                 to my acts, that inform
               even my opposition
                     to outrage.

                    blue of my memories
                    that make my history of wings
                  that soar to the mountains
                     & drop to the ravines,
                 complex topography of myself.

                  purple of my sorrows, my remorse,
                      my shame for betrayals of the heart,
                   most often of omission,
               through weariness or fear.
                       This is my flag;
                               its colors run,
                       diffuse at the edges,
                               blend, shade
                       into hues, half-tones
                               difficult to name.

                       The tongues that praise it
                     are so many, so varied, & so sweet
                     their chorus rivals the birds'
                 & silences the angels in their flight.
                       Known everywhere
                               as sign of peace & joy,
                       let this be our flag;
                               its colors dance.

- Rafael Jesús González

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