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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Free shakti Q. & A tonight and more on auras 

The following announcement is from the Shift Network 

Dear Dorothy Walters,

Our world is so thirsty for our Divine Feminine Shakti power that her arrival can stir quite a commotion, kinda like rain in the desert.

Because, awakening our Shakti blasts open our hearts, brings us up close and personal with our divinity, and unleashes our erotic life force energy — our very presence as awakening women can cause a ruckus. (And it's about time.)

Knowing how to manage others' projections (both positive and negative) and set healthy boundaries are tools we need in our Shakti “kit.”

And, you can get a head start (or “heart start”) in learning about these practices –– AND ask me your big questions about Shakti and my upcoming course, Awakening Your Shakti –– LIVE tonight at 5:00pm Pacific, during a special Q&A session. I’d love to hear from you. (See call-in details at the end of this email.)

Also, I’d like to give you a gift right now –– in the form of a teaching –– to save and use whenever you need it: a brief and effective practice to check in with your own boundaries.

Our "aura" is another word for the field of energy around us. Some people can "see" this as a kind of shimmering mirage or as a color emanating from a person. I'm not one of those people. But, I can sense and feel it. Modern physics has confirmed that we're mostly energy and not "made" from any real "stuff" anyway. So, there's basically nothing "woo-woo" about this concept anymore.

To begin this practice, get comfortable and take some deep breaths. Call your awareness inside, as you begin to relax with longer inhales and exhales.

Then, simply check in, or ask to be shown the edges of your own energy field right now.

You might find that your aura feels wrapped around you, almost like a blanket. Maybe you even feel your breath coming shallowly, or you feel overwhelmed or hunkered down — like you need to protect yourself from intrusion.

Or, perhaps your energy is flying out so far into the world that you feel a little groundless and without center, spaced out. Maybe your life force has its tendrils way "out there," because you’re busy worrying about others or trying to influence someone. Maybe you've got your nose in other people's business. Your breath may feel like it's all up in your head.

So after a bit of diagnosis, the next step is to re-establish your energetic field where it would best serve you. According to the experts, a healthy aura extends about three feet around the human body. If you stretch out your arms in front, behind, above, below and to each side of you, you can get a feel for that amount of space around you.

It's kind of like your body is an egg yolk floating in the field of the white, and the edge of your aura is the shell that keeps it altogether.

Except –– and this is important –– the "shell" doesn't keep us separate or walled-off from life. It has a function to protect and create a container of sorts for us, but it's also permeable — so connection, love, giving and receiving happen through it.

So, if your energy feels way out in the far reaches of the universe, call it back home to you. And, if you feel like you don't have room to move, then take a risk and claim your rightful space by pushing your energy out a little bit.

Whenever I do this practice and get my energy back in a healthy place, it makes me feel calm, strong, clear and back in my power center. My shoulders relax and the armoring around my chest dissipates. My heart feels more free to love. The fear melts. Notice what happens in your own body.

To close this practice (which you can do in just a few moments any time you need it), I always offer gratitude. An extra dollop of compassion for yourself is also a good idea –– it's no walk in the park being a spiritual being in this physical body of ours.

I close with prayer that usually goes something like: "Maha Shakti, thank you for giving me life, for allowing me to walk in beauty as your emissary. Thank you for protecting me as I go forth with love, light and awareness."

Find the words that work for you.

Blessings on your journey,

PS - Remember to listen in tonight at 5:00pm Pacific, for my special Q&A session.  I’m looking forward to answering any question you have about bringing Shakti into your life!

Call in details:

Connect to the webcast at http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=57756792
Or dial +1-530-216-4294 and enter the PIN 461457#
PPS - Join me –– starting on July 29 –– for 7 weeks of powerful practices like this that will take you deeper into your Shakti power: Awakening Your Shakti course.

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