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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Irvin Laslo on Beyond Awakening 

I received this e-mail from Terry Patton of Beyond Awakening.  I also listened to this broadcast and was glad to receive this summary response.  Beyond Awakening offers in its archives interviews with many important speakers and spiritual teachers of our time, including this one.


Dear Dorothy,

Last Sunday, I was joined by the internationally-renowned scientist, philosopher and visionary, Ervin Laszlo for a public conversation we titled “The Self-Actualizing Cosmos: The Akasha Revolution in Science and Human Consciousness.”

The conversation ranged quite widely, and some of what he had to say even startled me.

I wasn’t surprised when he began by describing his synthesis of the radical holographic implications of the new physics, a paradigm for which he borrows the Sanskrit term “Akasha” to refer to the quantum vacuum, or originating field that is more fundamental even than matter and energy.

Or by by his assertion that "you don’t see the quanta, you see the effects. The universe is basically an unobserved wholeness of which the observed elements are those that meet the five senses. We try to understand the whole, but we’re working by inference.”

No, what startled me was that I had expected to challenge him on why he spoke so consistently of “consciousness” but not of “God” or “spirituality”—even though the implications of his vision of reality are, in most people’s view, profoundly spiritual. But I didn't need to challenge him at all! He went straight to the spiritual aspect on his own.

Ervin said what he’s talking about is really not any different from the classical spiritual notions. And he freely associated his notion of Akasha with ancient mystical concepts dating back 5,000 years or more. He cited Plato, Pythagoras and Plotinus and drew parallels with this ancient notion of reality: The world is not what you see—what you see is the effect of unseen realities that are the real nature of the world.

(Note from Dorothy--also, this idea is similar to the Eastern notion of maya--that what we see in the material universe is not the reality itself, but is reality veiled.  Western science approaches nearer and nearer to the concept of maya, but few scientists point this out, though many do agree that everything is in fact not solid matter but energy.)

He also testified to his own “inverse optimism.” He said that he’s very optimistic in terms of human potential, but quite pessimistic in terms of the current holding pattern of the dominant paradigm. He thinks the break is about to come and that we had better be prepared for it.

But he explained that being prepared means discovering a more healthy way to be before this break and opening ourselves up to a source of wisdom in the cosmos that can enable us to feel what is needed.

There was much more, so I hope you will tune in to listen to this illuminating, powerful dialogue. I invite you to access the recording and read more about what we discussed here.

To our evolution,


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