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Friday, July 25, 2014

Jung--from The Red Book 

This is an entry in Jung's Red Book (journal) in which he is speaking to his soul.
The voice, he says,  is from the spirit of the depths, as opposed to the spirit of the times.

On the second night, I called out to my soul:  I am weary, my soul, my wandering has lasted too long, my search for myself outside of myself.  Now I have gone through events and find you behind all of them.  For I made discoveries on my erring through events, humanity and the world.  I found men.  And you, my soul, I found again, first in images within men and then you yourself.  I found you where I least expected you.  You climbed out of a dark shaft.  You announced yourself to me in advance in dreams.  They burned in my heart and drove me to all the boldest acts of daring and forced me to rise above myself.  You let me see truths of which I had no previous inkling.  You let me undertake journeys, whose endless length would have scared me, if the knowledge of them had not been secure in you.
I wandered for many years, so long that I forgot that I possessed a soul.  Where were you all this time?  Which Beyond sheltered you and gave you sanctuary?  Oh, that you must speak through me, that my speech and I are your symbol and expression.  How should I decipher you?
Who are you, child?  My dreams have represented you as a child and as a maiden.  I am ignorant of your mystery.  Forgive me if I speak as in a dream, like a drunkard--are you God?  Is God a child, a maiden? Forgive me if I babble.  No one else hears me.  I speak to you quietly, and you know that I am neither a drunkard nor someone deranged, and that my heart twists in pain from the wound, whose darkness delivers speeches full of mockery: 'You are lying to yourself!  You spoke so as to deceive others and make them believe in you.  You want to be a prophet and chase after your ambition.' The wound still bleeds and I am far from being able to pretend that I do not hear the mockery.
How strange it sounds to me to call you a child, you who still hold the all-without-end in your hand.  I went on the way of the day and you invisibly with me, putting the pieces together meaningfully and letting me see the whole in each part.
You took away where I thought to take hold and you gave me where I did not expect anything and time and again you brought about fate from new and unexpected quarters.  Where I sowed, you robbed me of the harvest and where I did not sow, you give me fruit a hundredfold.  And time and again I lost the path and found it again where I would never have foreseen it.  You upheld my belief, when I was alone and near despair.  At every decisive moment you let me believe in myself.
Like a tired wanderer who had sought nothing in the world apart from her, shall I come closer to my soul.  I shall learn that my soul finally lies behind everything, and if I cross the world, I am ultimately doing this to find my soul.  Even the dearest are themselves not the goal and end of the love that goes on seeking, they are symbols of their own souls.
My friends, do you guess to what solitude we ascend?
I must learn that the dregs of my thought, my dreams are the speech of my soul.  I must carry them in my heart, and go back and forth over them in my mind, like the words of the person dearest to me.  Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.  Why should I henceforth not love my dreams and not make their riddling images into objects of my daily consideration?

Pages 130-132, Reader's Edition, The Red Book

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