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Monday, July 28, 2014

Patricia Lay-Dorsey receives new honor 

As many of you know, my friend Patricia Lay-Dorsey has received high national and international recognition for her outstanding work as a photographer.  Here is her latest accolade:

Dear friends and family

A quick note to let you know that today (July 28) the Arts section of the Huffington Post is headlining a feature about my self-portrait project, Falling Into Place. It is written by Priscilla Frank, the Arts editor, who found my work online and emailed to ask if she could feature it. Of course I said yes! I am very pleased with the sensitivity and understanding she brought to the writing of her article.

These are amazing times in which to live, times when your work can be seen by people all over the world without even leaving your home or studio. I am so grateful for opportunities like these that seem to drop into my lap.

The link is:

Sending warm wishes to you all,

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