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Friday, July 11, 2014

Remembering Rabbi Zalman 


I received the following from Integral Life, about the passing of a vey wise man who will indeed be missed.  We need many more like him.

Remembering Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

The world lost an extraordinary man last week. Our very good friend Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi passed away on July 3rd at his home in Boulder Colorado. For those who don't know him, Rabbi Zalman was the founder of the Jewish Renewal and Spiritual Eldering movements. He published over 150 articles and monographs on Jewish spiritual life, and has translated many Hassidic and Kabbalistic texts. He was truly a shining light in this world, and will be dearly missed by all of us.

In remembrance of Rabbi Zalman’s life and wisdom, we wanted to share these classic dialogues with you all, one of which is being made available for free. Please have a listen, and find your own way to celebrate this man’s incredible life and legacy.

Zichrono l’vracha – may his memory always be a blessing.

Exile, Imprisonment, and the Journey Towards a Self-Conscious Spirituality

Our story begins with Zalman as a young teen living in Nazi-occupied Vienna in 1938. Although anti-Semitism had been present in Austria for many years, what was once an occasionally dangerous situation overnight became a lethally threatening one. Rabbi Zalman shares his tremendously moving story of narrowly escaping the shadow of Hitler in Nazi-occupied Europe, discovering his own spiritual path, and coming of age in some of the most difficult conditions imaginable. We invite you to listen in on a master storyteller sharing a truly incredible chapter of his life as a young man, taking place in a world marching steadily towards the greatest conflict it had ever seen....


God in the 21st Century

Does the fact that Moses didn't literally part the Red Sea mean that all spiritual and religious concerns are null, void, and illusory? Rabbi Zalman and Ken Wilber discuss the current atmosphere of attack on all things spiritual, and how a more compassionate and integral spirituality could change the tone of this crucial conversation.


Sex, Drugs, and Rock of Ages
 Audio (FREE)

In reviewing Wilber‘s The Eye of Spirit, Rabbi Zalman stated that "the Kabbalah of the future will lean on Ken‘s work"—and in this absorbing dialogue, Zalman and Ken discuss the new Kosmology, and how "Kosmology plus Kabbalah" is where much exciting work now lies. In a particularly valuable segment, Zalman outlines his 7 basic recommendations for an integral spirituality.


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