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Friday, July 18, 2014

UFO Sightings  

Did you know that there is a site where you can find a listing of reported UFO sightings over Boulder and nearby areas, as well as sightings reported in almost all other parts of the country?  This record gives us pause.  Is something happening?  For many, it would appear so.
And if, indeed, UFO's are visiting our planet, many questions remain.  Who are they?  What do they want from us?  Are they friends or foes?
As you may know, there are numerous TV programs on UFO's past and present--material that once was to be found only on the National Enquirer now is available mainstream.
Personally, I neither believe nor disbelieve, but watch the growing phenomenon with interest.


The above site offers a record of sightings in this (Denver/Boulder) area.  Of course, these are not evaluated and many may be explained as coming from natural causes.  Others appear to be authentic UFO visitations.
Some one or two hundred are listed for this area, going back to the year 2,000.  Thousands are listed for the country as a whole.

Do these alien visitations have anything to do with Kundalini?  Some believe that the aliens operate on a much higher vibrational frequency that we do (hence the dangers from actual contact).  Many believe that Kundalini raises our own internal frequencies.  Could such transformation help to prepare us for contact with those from outer space?  Could the aliens in fact be bringing about the myriad Kundalini awakenings now happening all over the planet?
These are interesting areas for speculation, but I do not have any answers.

P. S. Recently I described my theory to a Jungian therapist who is quite active in our
local UFO study group.  She thought the idea had merit, and also mentioned that many of her clients who report UFO experiences have also had some sort of experience with Kundalini.

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