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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Strange Incident 

Many people notice that when they move into deep spiritual transformation, unusual things begin to happen in their lives, such as synchronicities, seemingly paranormal events, precognition and the like.  And often, when someone dies, it is as though a "spirit messenger" in the form of an animal or a bird appears as if to say hello.  One of my friends felt that her mother came to her as a butterfly.  Again and again we noticed that when the three of us went to walk outside this mountain cabin, a single butterfly would separate from the rest and flutter around the friend's head and body.  And once, when I went alone to visit the shrub where the butterflies gathered, one flew over to me and circled briefly in front of me, as if to say hello.

Some years ago, on the afternoon when our beloved dog Fred died (he was a mixed breed who was as big as a great Dane)  a hawk settled on one of the telephone poles behind the house. No hawk had ever appeared there before.  The hawk sat there, contemplating the landscape for some 40 minutes or so.  We both felt that Fred had come back for a final goodbye.  The change to a hawk seemed right for him, for he was indeed a noble creature, and often on our walks I could see him look thoughtfully at birds in flight, as if he longed to escape the limitations of his lowly vantage point and see from the heights.

After that, hawks often appeared to us in other contexts--for example, when we were driving through the park, a hawk might suddenly swerve across our windshield--as if to say hello.

Here is another such incident that occurred recently to  some "friends of a friend."

The story begins with a grandmother who had recently passed, her daughter, and her daughter's two young girls.  The grandmother had been especially fond of hummingbirds-- indeed she looked on them as very special in her life.  One day, shortly after she died, a hummingbird flew into the house where the little girls were playing.  It landed on the finger of one of them and the other one (who had her camera nearby) took a picture of this unusual event.  (I have seen this amazing picture).

The bird then flew upstairs to join the mother.  She was also surprised (it's not every day a hummingbird comes indoors to visit) and found a way to release it gently outside again.

My own theory is that when the spirit passes, it does not necessarily "become" the animal form that appears, but that it somehow borrows this manifestation temporarily in order to communicate once again with its human loved ones.

(picture found on internet)

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