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Thursday, August 21, 2014

An Unexpected Synchronicity 

I wrote last about Matt Fox's fascinating presentation here in Boulder.  It so happened that several of his former students from his school (University of Creation Spirituality) were present, some living nearby, others coming from long distances to hear Matt speak.

When Andrew Harvey used to teach at UCS (then in Oakland) he often invited me to come and read poetry to his classes.  Imagine my surprise when two women at Matt's talk remembered me from those days, about 10-15 years ago.  We were all delighted to see one another again--they are both very interested in Kundalini and wanted especially to speak with me on this topic.  They told me that just the night before, they had been looking again at "Unmasking the Rose," my memoir of my own awakening, and thus were doubly surprised when I showed up at the presentation.

I also found it interesting that one of the other women at our small group lunch table knew nothing of Kundalini, but then recognized it as the same as what she called "divine energy."  I assured her that they were one and the same.

(picture by Suchin Rai)

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