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Monday, August 11, 2014

Georgia Carr--Lovely CD 


I have just received a most beautiful CD from a singer/composer from Australia named Georgia Carr.  This recording consists of words from Rumi and other great Mystics set to her original music, some with dulcimer background and some with piano accompaniment.  These pieces are virtually unique, relying as they do on the poetry of many outstanding mystics and wisdom teachers.  Each is filled with the spirit of shakti and love, for love is the central message of the collection.

Georia is a Sufi and follows the Sufi path of music as a portal into the embrace of the divine.  They are totally heartfelt, so much so that her center (called Heartcare) pledges to contribute $10 from each purchase to support asylum seekers and refugees.  Thus if you purchase, you are supporting not only an impressive creative endeavor, but actively helping to make the world a better place.

Here is what Andrew Harvey has said about her work:

Georgia's spiritual practice of expressing her devotion to the One through her songs and music has been deepening steadily over many decades.  This collection of songs is a culmination of the profound transformation that Georgia has been through in her life, and she invites the listener to share in this alchemical process of transforming everything with love into Love.  It is a joy to hear how Georgia has embellished so many of my translations of Rumi and other great mystics with her glorious music and her sweet and pure voice.

This CD offers a rare opportunity to hear songs clearly originating from the heart and reflecting a life long devotion to the spiritual path.

To purchase this CD go to www.heartcentre.com.au/gardenofflames
You will not regret your choice.

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