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Monday, August 18, 2014

How Sally Kempton awakened to the Goddess 

As I have noted before, I do not worship any specific goddess, but for many years before actual Kundalini awakened, I felt closely in touch with the Western Great Goddess.  And today, I look on Kundalini as the "goddess of goddesses," but without name or form.
Here is Sally Kempton's fascinating account of her awakening in India during a sacred festival.  I am especially impressed with her description of how the  goddess arrived as a "pulsing current of ecstasy and power that arose in my body and seemed to swirl from the air itself."  Thus she entered the arms of the Goddess herself, and knew that Spirit was not merely a concept but a sensuous feeling of rapture within the cells themselves, as  She enters the body.
Once again, I recommend her upcoming internet course, where she will offer ways of connecting with the Goddess in your own body.  Details of a free preliminary session are included at the end of this description.

(from Sally Kempton):

"For me, the key to discovering my own inner feminine wisdom came from discovering the Goddess –– a very unexpected source for me at the time. And, I was specifically drawn to the goddesses of the Hindu pantheon — a circle of profoundly ecstatic, sensual and endlessly potent deities whose help and love is available to anyone who knows how to evoke and celebrate them.
I can’t tell you what a surprise this was for me. And, I want you to know that it took me years to realize how utterly present the goddesses are.

As a young journalist in New York, as a spiritual practitioner and later a teacher, I put enormous effort into looking for ways to awaken spiritually, to grow creatively, and to find the balance between professional success and personal love.

But, like many rational Westerners, I thought of deity practice as a relic of mythology and traditional religion. For me, the spiritual path was all about finding Spirit as my inner Self, and anything that suggested dependence on a personal deity seemed at best suspicious –– and at worst superstitious.

Then, one evening in India, during a festival, I met the Goddess. Not in a vision or through a picture, but as a pulsing current of ecstasy and power that arose in my body and seemed to swirl from the air itself.

Over the next few years, I would feel her presence as a current of ecstasy, a shimmer of heightened awareness that often seemed to hover in the air around me, especially in the natural world. I came to realize that the Goddess comes in many forms and in many emotional flavors.

As Durga, she gives us courage to fight battles that we’d never have been able to face. As Saraswati, she literally brings the inspiration to write and teach and answer our own deepest questions. As Lakshmi, she smooths our path by showing us how to create abundance and beauty in our own minds and then in our lives. As Kali, she breaks through our illusions, and awakens us to every form of truth.

There are good reasons why goddess practices have been the secret of so many esoteric paths. The Goddess is the power that manifests through the so-called Law of Attraction. She’s the guide through the thickets of the spiritual journey. Above all, she is the power that awakens us –– inwardly and outwardly –– to our highest possibilities as human beings.

We need the Goddess now. We need to see her in our own bodies, and to discover her in our lives. And the good news is that she is more present for us now, I believe, than ever before.

In one of the great myths of the Goddess Durga, she says, “When times are difficult, when the need is great, call me and I’ll be there.”

That’s what we’ll be doing in my Wisdom of Goddess Empowerment course: calling on the goddesses, learning to recognize their presences, and above all, actualizing their power, love and beauty in our own lives.

And remember, you can find out more about my training and the sacred and potent powers of goddess practices when you tune in on Thursday, August 21, at 5:00pm Pacific, for the FREE Q&A session with me.

Call-in details for Q&A:
Connect to the webcast at http://instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=58437570
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I look forward to meeting you on the call!

In love,


(image of Durga from internet)

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