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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Parvati, Goddess of the Sacred Marriage 


Parvati: Goddess of the Sacred Marriage (from Integral Life)
Sally Kempton and Ken Wilber
Audio, 9 minutes

"As you court intimacy with the divine feminine, you'll also notice that she can be met at any level. Depending on your intention, she might manifest as a felt sense of energy, as a nonphysical presence you see in visions or feel around you, as inner guidance, or as a doorway into the Absolute. She takes on different forms, leading you into subtler and subtler states, then shows you how to bring out those subtle qualities into your life. Invoking Durga, you invoke your own hidden qualities of protective strength, the fierceness of the feminine activist who can run a family or a business or summon the tribe to collective action. Invoking Lakshmi, you summon the shimmering quality of feminine beauty and the energy of abundance and wealth.

Parvati's energy is a mixture of these two feminine poles. Related to Durga and Kali, Parvati is one of the strong goddesses. She's also a goddess of love, with a seductive radiance directed at her beloved, yet at the same time focused inward, on her own essence. She's a mother. She's a yogini, a seeker of truth who inquires deeply into the nature of reality. She's powerful and she's tender, she's willful and she's playful—both at the same time. Moreover, Parvati is a goddess of relatedness. When you tune in to Parvati, you tune in to your own longing for sacred partnership. Parvati incarnates the feminine side of a form of marriage that many modern romantics crave: the union between the fully realized feminine and the fully realized masculine, the dance of intimacy where two powerful beings become one without sacrificing their individuality."

From Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton

In this 13-part Goddess Returns series, acclaimed teachers Sally Kempton and Ken Wilber discuss one of the most powerful ways we can reconnect with a crucial aspect of feminine wisdom that has largely been lost in today's world: by invoking and internalizing the energetic qualities of eleven different Hindu goddesses.

As a way to honor the sacred feminine, Integral Life will be publishing discussions of each of these goddesses over the next couple weeks, with a different "Goddess of the Day" featured every few days. Click through to hear today's feature, Parvati: Goddess of the Sacred Marriage.


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