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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sally Kempton, Goddess Lalita, Bliss--repeat of earlier presentation 

Here is Stephan Dinan's summary of Sally Kempton's talk on Lalita, the Goddess of Bliss, as it was delivered yesterday.  Lalita is a fascinating goddess, one we don't often hear a lot about.  Above all, she carries erotic energies leading to joy and pleasure.  Her name recalls the notion of Lila, the idea that the universe itself and all its manifestations are simply the "play of god."

At the end of Stephan's summary is information as to how to listen to a repeat of her interview, and I would encourage you to listen to it if you have not heard the original.
Although I myself follow a more "direct path" (devotion to the unseen, unnamed Beloved Within), I respect those who prefer the "way of the goddess" to achieve joy and union.  I believe that it is Kundalini that is the motivating force behind all goddess images--for many, Kudalini itself is the "goddess of goddesses"--without it these would not have the power and energy that they embody.

Here is Stephan's summary from the Shift Network:

Dear Dorothy Walters, 

I really enjoyed being on the call, Kissed by the Goddess of Bliss, with renowned spiritual teacher Sally Kempton last night. 

If you listened in, I'm certain that you were as impressed as I was by Sally's deep knowledge of the Divine Feminine as evoked through the energies of Hindu goddesses, not as myths or abstractions but actual subtle beings that can empower you. Her own story of transformation through advanced mystical practices -- connecting her with their hidden Shakti -- really helped to bring the goddesses alive for me. 

If you missed this powerful and revelatory call, no worries. There will be a special encore event this Saturday, August 16 at 10:00am Pacific, and I've included the call-in details at the end of this email for you. 

What I especially enjoy about Sally's teachings is that she weaves deep sacred scholarship on the attributes of the Hindu goddesses with a profound devotional background as a former monk. This makes for a potent and illuminating approach to evoking and embodying the powerful energies that these deities hold. 

Sally speaks with the words of a poet, as she paints an exquisite picture of the dazzling natures of these icons. And, all the while, she's also sober and clear about the groundedness, peace and heightened self-esteem they can help us discover and ignite within. 

At the core of Sally's teachings is the idea that these goddesses -- dating back millennia -- can open us to a different relationship with the Divine -- one that is more tender, embodied and infused with sacred presence. Our devotional relationship can open a very accelerated pathway to spiritual realization. 

During the call, Sally shares extensively about the Hindu goddess Lalita and her ability to help you find a higher expression and fulfillment of your primordial desires. In doing this, you open to the world and see it as it is (from a non-dual perspective), falling more deeply in love with your life and experiencing a subtle current of bliss. 

Sally also talks about her upcoming 7-week The Wisdom Goddess Empowerment course -- that starts August 26 -- in which she'll focus on a different Hindu goddess each session to help evoke in you an initiation of the distinct characteristics you need (or desire) to grow personally and spiritually. 

In this training, you'll:

Begin to experience deeper and subtler levels of reality around you
Discover hidden sources of spiritual power within your body and mind
Become initiated into the ancient tantric understandings of Hinduism through the lens of an accomplished teacher
Become skilled at invoking fierce goddess energies for both protection and liberation
Enhance your creativity and powers of manifestation
It is truly a gift that Sally is bringing her wisdom to us in this format and will be sharing the fruits of her own devotion and spiritual realizations, so that both men and women can find a balance of the masculine and feminine within -- at a time when our culture is ripe for it and in desperate need of this sacred marriage. 

Here are the call-in details for this Saturday's encore event at 10:00am Pacific: 
Connect to the webcast at http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=58436562 
Or dial (425) 440-5100 and enter the PIN 498523# 

I do hope you'll listen in to learn more about Sally's experiential approach to meeting the Divine Feminine energies at your core -- a journey that we can all benefit from as we take the next steps on our path of spiritual awakening. 

  In spirit, 
Stephen Dinan

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