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Monday, September 08, 2014

Dorothy--Four Poems 

When She Came

When She came
I did not know
what was going to happen.

That I would have to give up
and become a pauper at the gate.

Now I have no name,
no identity,
no function in this world
other than to be with Her.

She too arrived
without name
or form.

Now we are twins,
always together,
honey dissolved in wine.

Dorothy Walters
August 29, 2014

For So Very Long

For so very long
I told no one
about our secret love making,
a hidden honey moon.

Then one day
I sang my song
and sent it
into the world.

Now the echoes return to me
from many directions,
the melody translated
again and again.

Dorothy Walters
August 29, 2014

The Winemakers

The winemakers claim
that only they
know how to brew,
that age itself
is the key
to the celestial drink .

But some of us
could not wait—
we got dead drunk
on the first sip.

Dorothy Walters
August 29, 2014

One Day

One day
as we were walking along
on our familiar path,
something snatched us away
and carried us
into the forest.

I will not say
what happened there,
only that after that
we were never the same.

Our eyes, our expressions
were transfigured—
the world without shone like
the gates of the first world
and we had
a radiant glow
around our face.

Even the trees
looked different.

Dorothy Walters
August 29, 2014

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