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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

from Buddhafield  

from "A Teaching by Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche" (www.Buddhafield.us)

I found the following on an internet site called "Buddhafield."  As always, I agree with much of what is said here, though I do have a few reservations.    I feel that when we spend too much time reflecting on our own imperfections, we get lost in "self- examination" and lose contact with the actual state of inner liberation, which is simply accepting our Oneness with All that Is in a union of love.  For me, Kundalini is the best way of achieving this sense of Oneness--without thought, without self-criticism, without pausing to ask what this is or why it is happening to me.  Of course, I feel that we should practice and develop our own moral sensitivity and actions--but these should emerge easily and naturally from who we are--our basic nature and expression.  "Namste" means 'I honor the divine in you."  Indeed.
I also do not think it is possible to "be happy in every moment" as some teachers advocate.  I think our lives are a mixture of light and shadow--moments of joy and moments of sober awareness of the shadow side of our world, as crises mount around us.  We are indeed living in a time of turmoil, when there is widespread chaos and suffering, and we should be aware and concerned at what is transpiring, even when we ourselves are not affected on an immediate personal level with the disturbing activities in other parts of the world.  
And, although I do not advocate following a spiritual "guru" who is accepted as an ultimate authority on all matters, I do feel that--once we peel away the "trappings" of the tradition, there can be much wisdom at the core.  I think that even when a man wears a robe and sits on a high throne (or carries a scepter and wears a special hat), he can have much to say that is worth listening to.

I like this observation:

Don’t grasp. Don’t release. Without loosening or tightening entanglements,
​A natural carefree state is achieved as a matter of course.
Unmoving, evenly pervasive, in the expanse of freedom from wide or narrow,
When all memories and conceptions are self-originated and self-settled,
That is the principle of the indestructible space of compassionate mind.

- From "The Precious Treasury of Phenomenal Space"   (ancient text)

Here are some key passages from the article:

This (from previous discussion) is the profound view of the Great Perfection. This view recognizes that our innate nature is primordially pure from the very beginning. Our innate nature is pure and perfect. Anger, desire, jealousy, and pride are temporary expressions of the energy of our alpha-pure nature. When we realize this, everything spontaneously liberates by itself! Then we are complete in our true nature. To recognize this completeness in every moment is the practice of self-liberation. How do we practice self-liberation? How do we reclaim our great wealth that is like a priceless jewel? First, realize that everyone wants to be happy and no one wants to suffer. Reflect in this way: All beings possess the primordially self-liberated nature, which is fundamentally pure and perfect. So everyone deserves my respect. Everyone deserves my compassion. Just as I am deserving of liberation, so are all beings. Everyone deserves to be one with the essence of self-liberation. Make this aspiration: From hereon, whatever I do, whether it is as small as drinking a cup of coffee, oras big as relieving world hunger, may I do it with the thought of benefiting others, without a single selfish thought to have happiness and peace only for myself. May this be a cause for liberating all sentient beings from suffering. May it bring them peace and happiness. May my intention be completely pure, so that all beings find perfect liberation in their enlightened essence.  I recommend that each morning you begin your day with the thought of benefiting others. Then, before you begin any activity, generate compassion and establish a pure intention. This doesn’t take a long time. A single moment is all you need. It doesn’t require a special mediation posture. You don’t need to go to a temple. You don’t have to cross your eyes or stare at your navel. How essential it is to have compassion! The core of compassion is to realize that everyone is the same in their essence. Then everyone is your brother, everyone is your sister. More than that, you are everyone and everyone is you. This is to realize the preciousness of being. This compassionate essence shows itself in every moment of life. This is self-liberation in every moment! In the pure space of self-liberation, you are naturally compassionate. There is no judgment and no exclusion. You don’t feel like you have to put anyone down or lift anyone up. You just embrace everyone equally, and everyone sees light in you. In the midst of darkness, you are a true source of light and joy. The great master of Dzogchen, His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, wrote:
 Whatever one does, joyful: Practitioner of the Great Perfection! In any company, happy: Lineage son of the Lotus Born! If you are relaxed in any company, if you are content, that is self-liberation. Wherever you find yourself, if you are comfortable, that is self-liberation. You are happy sleeping in a luxury suite in Paris or in a dirty shack in Calcutta. You are happy dining on gourmet cuisines or nibbling on a dry crust of bread. This is indeed a wonder! The ultimate blessing is to be who you truly are. So be true to yourself for a moment. To be who you are does not require designer clothing or diamond jewelry. You do not need a tattoo on your backside or the most expensive smart phone. Just relax and embrace your vulnerability. Accept that you are not invincible. Recognize that everyone is vulnerable. Everyone is victimized by mental unrest and emotional pain. Embrace this vulnerability and wear it like an ornament. This understanding is the adornment of compassion. With compassion in your heart, you see the value of every being. You see the treasure in every moment. When you can treasure every moment, you are the richest of the rich. Even if you have nothing but the clothes on your back, you will feel like the luckiest person in the world!

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