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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Longing for Mountains in Autumn 

Longing for Mountains in Autumn

Here I am in mid-season,
or else something beginning once more,
why was it I came here.
In the distance
the mountains,
waiting for their coming drapery of snow
(but not yet, not yet,
says the voice within.)

Yet always I remain
the prisoner of this city,
its compelling vistas,
once a haven for seekers of gold
their pickaxes and scales,
or was it the gods
come to play
among the golden scent of summer?

Like Moses
I have arrived
at the margin,
but must keep my arms aloft
for the others,
I cannot go in.

Surely this is a beginning,
not a place of termination.

Or perhaps
merely a sanctuary of waiting.

They tell me
that in the high country
the aspen leaves have already fallen,
their colorful orgasms
once more without my witness.

Dorothy Walters
September 28, 2014

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