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Monday, October 06, 2014

Andrew Harvey---Becoming the Divine Human 

This teleseminar is free!  You can sign up on the Shift Network at https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/bdhAH/andrew/  The time is Wednesday, October 8, 2014
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern
and you will also receive a recording of the event!

(from Dorothy): I cannot recommend this presentation strongly enough.  To become a "divine human" is the ultimate goal of virtually all spiritual paths.  The notion is central to such traditions as alchemy, caballa (adam kadman), and such writers as Teilhard de Chardin and Gopi Krishna, as well as those he mentions below.  All view the process of transformation as an evolutionary phenomenon, and feel that it arises when one undergoes the stages of spiritual awakening .  Andrew's approach combines several of these traditions and offers a valuable description of each.
Although Andrew himself does not explore the role of Kundalini in this process, I feel that it is central to all of these approaches--when one accesses the sweet flow of the inner energies, one feels a step closer to becoming a "divine human."

(from Andrew):

Have you hungered for a complete approach to spiritual awakening – one that fuses Heaven and Earth, masculine and feminine, stillness and action into one alchemical path?

Dear Friends,

If you are committed to spiritual growth and real worldly service, then I have an extraordinary invitation for you.

I will be speaking about the next stage of human evolution that we are now entering, which I call the “birth of the divine human.”

I see this as a fiery, yet tender, path leading to the heart of divinized relationships –– with God, with the Earth, even with your intimate relationships.

By embracing this transformation, you can experience a sacred evolutionary shift that realigns your body, mind and soul.

I will be sharing some of my most important insights into activating this new life of awakened action and enlightened service in a FREE teleseminar event on Wednesday, October 8, called Becoming a Divine Human: How to Access the 4 Initiatory Streams and Experience the Next Stage of Evolution.

Learn more and reserve your space here: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/bdhAH/andrew/

During this free call event, I will share:

• Why 4 initiatory streams are required to become a divine human (shamanic, tantric, transcendent and sacred activism)
• The actual stages of the path, drawing from evolutionary traditions like Kabbalah, Shaivism, Sufism and Hinduism
• The inner science of transfiguration, and how to navigate the “dark night of the soul”
• How to marry spiritual practice and sacred action to heal the world
• An “I Am” practice from Ramana Maharishi that will center you in this new potential

I will show you how to walk a path that is sublime, humble and transcendently wise — leading the way to a passionately engaged life.

This is not a journey for everyone. It is truly a sacred calling for those committed to awakening to the Divine in all things and being in service from
this potent and love-filled place.

Learn more and save your space here for this exciting event (a recording will be provided with your FREE registration): https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/bdhAH/andrew/



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