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Friday, October 03, 2014

Penny Hackett-Evans--"Psalm 9:25") 

Psalm 9:25

Bless the gray rain that washes the world.

     That sits singly in drops on the window,

     That falls into the gray ocean and loses itself.

Bless rain that interrupts plans,

     Causes us all to change course, relent

     Reminds us to blur the edges once in a while.

Bless rain that dampens everything

     Making softness where hard edges were

     And reminds us to wring things out once in a while.

Bless rain blown sideways by the wind

     Into hardened faces.  Remember

     Your small place in the scheme of things.

Bless rain dropped by endless gray clouds

     That simply had too much to carry.

     There are burdens we can lessen in this world.

Praise rain whenever it appears

      And for whatever reason.

     Free metaphors from the sky.

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