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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Rumi--"What I Want" 

What I Want

What I want is to see your face
            In a tree, in the sun coming out,
                        In the air.
What I want is
            To hear the falcon-drum and light again
                        On your forearm.

You say, "Tell him I'm not here."  The sound
            Of that brusque dismissal
                        Becomes what I want.

To see in every palm your elegant silver coin shavings,
            To turn with the wheel of the rain,
                        To fall with the falling bread

Of every experience,
            To swim like a huge fish
                        In ocean water,

To be Jacob recognizing Joseph.
            To be a desert mountain
                        Instead of a city.

I'm tired of cowards.
            I want to live with lions.
                        With Moses.

Not whining, teary people.  I want
            The ranting of drunkards.
                        I want to sing like birds sing,

Not worrying who hears,
            Or what they think.
                        Last night,

A great teacher went from door to door
            With a lamp. "He who is not to be found
                        Is the one I'm looking for."

Beyond wanting, beyond place, inside form,
            That one.  A flute says, I have no hope        
                        For finding that.

But love plays
            And is the music played.
                        Let that musician
Finish this poem.  Shams,
            I am a waterbird
                        Flying into the sun.

- Jellaludin Rumi
 (Translated by Coleman Barks)
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