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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sofia Diaz in Crestone 

Sofia Diaz in Crestone

Sofia Diaz

(Note from Dorothy: Sofia Diaz, known primarily as a yoga teacher, is also, to my mind, one of the wisest of the wise women among us today.  I would urge anyone who can, to attend this workshop, perhaps our last chance to see her and drink of her "wisdom well" before she goes into a kind of "semi" retreat mode (as I understand it.)  Crestone itself is a sacred center, well worth the trip.  I wish I could go, but cannot.  This is a rare opportunity.  Go if you can.)

Sofia Diaz
Sofia offers a unique approach to Hatha Yoga, sacred movement and feminine spiritual practice, deriving her style of teaching and body philosophy from the South Indian temple arts. She lectures at Naropa University and teaches throughout North America.
Dear Friends,
The Women's Annual Crestone Retreat will take place August 4-9 in beautiful Crestone, Colorado. 

The first two years of this retreat were outlandishly powerful, surprisingly blessed, shockingly attended by women of all ages and many countries. Nonetheless, the third year, the most amazing Patroness and manifestor of this retreat, beloved Mersedeh Kheradmand, was unable to orchestrate it, and I, Sofia Ophelia Diaz, was, as usual, too swamped to do it by myself, so, I was going to let it slip by.

God knows how, but the two eldest, wise-women practitioners who had both attended a previous retreat in honor of their birthdays, found out and called me. They both energetically reached through the phone, took me by the ear, shook me and said (in so many words but almost identical without even knowing each other) "you cannot let this pass, it is not about you, it is about women registering a different possibility about themselves, their wisdom, the value of their lives in a new way, that we may all look toward a new way to participate in all ages with each other, but especially look to live the latter parts of our lives out of joy, wisdom, generosity of wisdom, beauty and abundant healing to our dying breaths."

Click here for more information and to register for the retreat.

So, this year is a return and a profound ode and prayer to this calling and thus, this may be the last year this retreat happens in this exact way, in this exact location.

It is time for me, Sofia O. to let go of the way I have held everything in order to open the space for how and what needs to manifest rather than carrying all that has wanted to manifest through me, on my back, like a big, phat, old turtle. Time for me to put the shell on the ground, let my innards and backwards get some sun and find out what structure can hold the marvel of our majestic practice. Beloved Women, you have carved a groove of grace that has resounded universes with your ruthless love-growth-nakedness into highly spiritualized and awake yoginis, dakinis, earth mamas, sisters, mothers, daughters, Lovers, Goddesses. On behalf of our universe, I THANK YOU, now...

I personally invite you to come and let go into the simplicity of a dandelion field that needs to be blown to the winds to land, plant and flower MORE magic for our precious lives and times. Lets slip into and slather on the healing balm of retreat and re-trust! As we continue to kiss all of manifestation with our unstoppable Love, let’s allow the next gathering to reveal itself by letting go of everything, together one more time in celebration of each other and the un-nameable beauty of Divine Recognition that ever brought us to practice together in the first place.

Join this year's 15th annual women's retreat with Sofia Diaz.

With oodles of Love, gratitude and excitement!


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