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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Aditi Devi--"Why Yoginis Wander" 

I recently ran across this beautiful piece on another website, but I did not know who wrote it.  It turns out it was written by my own dear friend Aditi Devi, who is currently again on pilgrimage, this time to Tibet, "where the clouds gather and the dakinis dance."  I wrote to her that she visits places that I can only dream of.  Yet the Beloved visits here as well.

This is Why Yoginis Wander

This is why yoginis wander:

when the usually kind temple priests ask us to cover our hair in front of our dark naked Mother, blood dripping from Her mouth, they say our naturalness must be hidden in Her presence

when the monks in the gardens walking by won’t meet our gaze, we are their downfall, they blush and turn to hasten by, poison to their tightly defined liberation

when sitting with the influence of fine company, soft cushions, rich food after a long journey, evening prayers unsaid in the intoxication of gossip and social intrigue, emboldened lovers offering their attentions

time to wander on, better to leave the gilded temple behind, Mother firmly planted in us, knowing our nakedness is the way we wear our Union with Her, our hair as Her hair, Her love piercing us more deeply than any etiquette;Digambari Maa is our wild warrior love cry

time to wander on, better to be the whore dancing in the lush night garden, stripping the monastic of his robes, offering him venom in a wine cup, our joined breathing showing him that it is his shame that is the crime, entwined and waiting for the guards with their jangly rings of keys, they find us covered in jasmine and soft river greens;Raadheshyamraadheshyamraadheshyam is our love cry

time to wander on, better to thank our hosts before we enter their gilded doors, let us cook alone over a small dung fire, sleep outdoors another night on the hard stones, bruised hips, aching bones on an aging body, cold discomfort and bright Candikaa as the companion of our clarity; a soft tender Maa Maa Maa is our night long lullaby

no compromising, yogini, no compromising, time to wander on, Maa herself will wander on away from us when we bargain for a little too much softness and comfort, how long did it take to find Her, don’t forget who you are, don’t forget your own knowing, delve into your wisdom stream, wander on, yogini, follow Maa down the road, wander on towards your own freedom

(by aditi devi on the way back from fierce pilgrimage, december 2011)

(picture from internet)

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