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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dorothy Walters--"Listening to Music in Poses" (poem) 

Listening to Music in Poses

Let the music within
listen to the music without.
You are the note
and the singer,
the lute
and the hands floating over the strings.

You have been tuned
for this moment
for a thousand years.
Each star at midnight,
each drop from the well
became who you are,
flesh, muscle, bone.

Once there was a divine pulsation in  heaven.
You and all that is
are its revelation,
summoning the world to being.

Remember where you came from.
Then you will receive
a thousand kisses within,
become a million raindrops
stroking the cheeks of roses.

Your blood knows how to live  within
this dark intensity,
this opened vein of love,
like a stillness before a storm,
a river flowing quietly
through a hurricane.

It is beginning once more.

Dorothy Walters
 July 26, 2000

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