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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Institute of Noetic Sciences--Announcement 

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is currently holding its annual meeting.  Many renowned luminaries are presenting on various fascinating topics––but not one paper or even one word is dedicated to Kundalini.  There seems to be mass amnesia where this subject is concerned.  Apparently Kundalini remains as mysterious and esoteric as ever, even though certain centers proclaim themselves teachers of "Kundalini yoga."

I consider Kundalini to be a fundamental instrument in the next evolution of consciousness.  Those who fail to explore it are, in my view, turning a blind eye to this essential element in the next state of human evolution.

Some of us always seem to find ourselves at the front of the parade into the future.  We seem to be even ahead of many of the self-proclaimed "futurists."  Where are the leaders of this procession?  It is a lonely position to find oneself so often without companions on this critical journey.

Yet people continue to have awakenings, in what seem to be ever increasing numbers.

Here is the announcement from the Institute of Noetic Sciences:

Please join us for
July 22–26, 2015, Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort near Chicago
Twitter / Facebook hashtag: #IONS2015Conference

Picture yourself at an inspiring gathering of fellow explorers and like-minded friends. The menu of options speaks to your deepest passions, and luminaries from science, the environment, and wisdom traditions spark new insights. Music, dance, conversations that matter, and exercises that help deepen your experience are woven into a rich tapestry of renewal and transformation. You share your dreams and your vision, find inspiration, celebrate, reorient toward your deepest purpose, and take away tools you can immediately apply in your work and your everyday life.

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