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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Peruvian Whistles and a Blissout 

Peruvian Whistles

Recently I attended a group meeting to experience what are called Peruvian whistles.

First, some five of us traveled high into the mountains to a lovely home where a sculptor and his wife, a bee keeper, lived.  From the front of the house we saw an amazing view across a wide valley below to the distant peaks.

Inside, the generous owner of the Peruvian vessels demonstrated to us (now 7 in number) how to blow on them.  A Peruvian vessel is like a pot with a native face sculpted on the front and a long stem attached to the back.  When you blow on this stem, the pot emits a shrill whistle, much like the sound of a whistling teakettle that is beginning to boil.  You can modulate the tone up and down a bit, by blowing harder or softer, but you cannot play a tune on it.

These vessels were considered very sacred by the earlier Peruvians.  Each child was given his or her whistle at birth, and this sacred object was then buried with them when they died.  The Spaniards tried to destroy all vestiges of the native religions, so they outlawed the use of these devices.  The result was that very few of the originals survived to our time.

To perform our "ceremony," we gathered in a tight circle and blew our instruments together.  The sound was shrill, and almost deafening  You could hear not only your own whistle, but also those near you.  Sometimes the combined notes produced a kind of buzzing in the brain, somewhat like the sound of a buzz saw in the distance.

Our practice consisted of three 15 minute episodes of blowing, each followed by 10 minutes of rest.

During the first cycle, I seemed to "see within" an ancient Peruvian male (maybe 35 years old) who went to the cliffs each morning to blow his vessel and welcome the coming day.  During the second episode, I "saw" a plain middle aged Peruvian woman whose life was filled with drudgery.  She complained (to herself) that her life was composed only of repeated daily ritual: "All I ever do is carry the water, grind the corn, and sew the cloth."  Then, I witness her literally drop dead on the path as she was going or coming somewhere.  Her spirit ascended into the sky and she marveled  that "from up here you can see everything."

Our "leader" had warned us that we might have some repercussions in the following days, for buried issues (such as anger, grief, frustration) might come into consciousness.
However, for me the opposite was true.  Next day, I felt extremely well--fully balanced, energized, content.

And the following day I experienced delightful bliss, such as happens now only occasionally.  The bliss began in my hands and arms, and ultimately traveled throughout my system.  This delicate rapture lasted some 30 minutes or so.  I wondered if it was the result of the whistling experience itself or if I had simply picked up certain delightful energies of gathering, for each member was in fact an "evolved" being helping to create a "bliss field," and I often pick up such group energies when the setting and the participants are right.


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