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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tom Kenyon––highest frequencies coming in 

Even if you cannot attend this event, these predictions are of primary importance.  Tom Kenyon is one of our most respected channels.  It behooves all of us to attend to this message with full attention.

Counteracting the Predicted Frequency Shift of Sept. 2015

Learn techniques to be the bridge and hold the space for living in The New Earth as we shift the energy of the September Chaotic Nodes for a positive outcome.

"In the Company of Angels"

Shifting the Energy of the September Chaotic Nodes

You are invited to join sound healer and planetary emissary Tom Kenyon via International Teacher/Healer Shari Billger  Saturday, September 5th to join in a mass healing and meditation.  Collectively we will work together in Unity to elevate human consciousness allowing humanity to navigate the turbulent waters of September 2015.  There will be intense group healing, DNA reset and Unity and Love Bonding and a joint meditation with Tom Kenyon and Shari Billger  to accomplish our collective  goal.

The Predictions

First Prediction. "You are collectively passing through a very difficult and dangerous point. The destructive forces upon your planet in terms of religious fanaticism, climate change, corporate greed and manipulation, as well as dire threats to the very foundations of your eco-system are increasing.

You are now entering, from our perspective, a massive Chaotic Node the likes of which your planet has not seen for some time. If unmitigated, this Chaotic Node could result in the mass extinction of multitudinous life forms including many humans.

We are therefore calling into action all positive angelic forms from all spiritual traditions, from all life-affirming interdimensional beings, from all alien civilizations of positive intent, and from all human beings who are aligned with our intention.

We will be creating a nexus point on September 5, 2015. And through a global meditation we will be calling forth these many diverse and life affirming angelic forms into an alliance for the protection of life and its elevation upon this planet.

Let us be clear what we mean by this. If human consciousness elevates itself to a higher level than it is currently manifesting, then it deserves to survive. If it does not elevate itself then humanity, as you know it, will not survive this passage. It is a collective cosmic intelligence test you are now facing on many levels.
Tom Kenyon and the Hathors

The Higher Potential Outcome - Second Prediction - Archangel Michael
It's important to note that we are already well inside this cosmic gamma blast referred to as WAVE-X and many of you have been feeling this energetic increase that will continue in intensity everyday until September 28th, 2015. This great point in humanity's evolution is known as "THE EVENT HORIZON".  September 28th, 2015 is when this Super-Wave peaks and is the highest energetic frequency ever measured in the cosmos in modern history. Will anyone actually ascend on this date? Yes! Any light being who is already vibrating close to the 5D frequency of 21 Hertz will pierce through the protective 5D barrier know as "The Great Void" and will be able to experience a sustained perception of the New Earth at this great moment in our history.

"Behold, I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth".  These two things are not the same. The New Earth includes 3D, 4D and 5D and the New Heaven is dimensions 6 through 12 that you can only traverse in the light body.  It's like this, you are not leaving 3D! Instead you will continue to exist in 3D, 4D and 5D in the same time-space (now here) and you will be fully aware of your experience in each dimension.

Let's create Prediction #2 together as we unite in love and profound intention

Location:  Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Time:  1:30 - 6:00.  Suggested Love Donation:  $33.  Email shari1551@aol.com with your firm commitments to register and receive directions to the event.  We can accomodate the first 30 people who are called to be part of this potentially life changing event.  Please bring a pass dish to share so that we can break bread together after this amazing event.

Tom Kenyon is an unparalleled international sound teacher and healer, one of my favorite people.  Shari

Shari Billger is an international teacher/healer who leads you on a journey of "Love is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be".  Shari 1994

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