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Friday, September 04, 2015

Retreat by Lawrence Edwards, PHD 

Here is a retreat to be offered by Lawrence Edwards (PHD) in early November:

November 2015

Awakening To The Infinite: The Path To Radical Freedom
November 6-8, 2015
Friday evening 7pm- Sunday 1pm
Offered by Lawrence Edwards, PhD


Garrison Institute – Garrison, NY

Awaken to the Infinite and unfold your unique path to radical freedom. Awakening to the Infinite is awakening to your own boundless true nature, an inexhaustible source of power, creativity, wisdom, and love that is beyond anything the ordinary mind can even imagine. The power of Infinite Consciousness that unfolds the fullness of our highest nature is known as Kundalini in the yogic tradition. It is the power of pure Consciousness to transcend and transform mind/body, giving you direct knowledge of your own divine nature. This meditation retreat includes Kundalini empowerment through classic forms of Kundalini awakening, empowered mantra and other practices.

This power of Consciousness is innate, you already possess it. It is often depicted as a great Goddess. We will explore the Divine Feminine as the Great Goddess, a way of knowing our own Self as both creator of the many forms that bind us and as liberator releasing us from bondage and suffering. It is by Her grace, the grace of your own sublime Self, that ultimate lasting freedom is won. The ancient Upanishads say, “The Self reveals the Self.”

This power of revelation, transformation and grace is known in every spiritual tradition though by different names – Holy Spirit, Kundalini Shakti, Chi, bodhicitta (great mind of enlightenment) and by many other names as well. In this retreat you will be guided through practices that can awaken and unfold your inner power of Consciousness. With that light of Consciousness we will explore the archetypal realms of wisdom, grace and transcendence. Through empowered mantra, chanting, breath work, and the profound tales of the Eastern and Western mystical traditions we will further access the inner source of true knowledge, wisdom and freedom.  We’ll explore the re-emergence of the Divine Feminine who takes seekers to the Source, opening the heart to unbounded Love.  That inner source is your own highest Self, the Divine within, beyond all forms. Awakening to that and living in radical freedom is your birthright.  Kundalini, the power of the Infinite to know its Self in all its boundless glory, opens the most profound levels of meditation. There is nothing more potent, nothing more liberating, and nothing more empowering.  Through this inner power of illumination we can truly know the deep meaning and purpose of our lives. Awaken to the Infinite illuminating your soul’s journey to ecstasy, to radical freedom.

Friday: 7:15-9:15pm
Saturday: 6:30am-4:30pm and 7:15-9:30pm;
Sunday: 9am-1pm
(schedule subject to change during the retreat)
$225 Program Registration Fee

Accommodations are not included in the program fee.

To register and reserve accommodations call 845-424-4800 or visit: Garrison Institute
Accommodations include vegetarian meals Friday evening through lunch on Sunday.
Payment of registration fees and accommodation fees or commuter fees must be paid in full to register.  The Garrison Institute charges a fee for people who are attending the program but staying off-site.
For more information please contact the Garrison Institute.

Sharings from people who have attended past Kundalini retreats led by Lawrence:

Very powerful energy came through the empowerment ritual, the chants, meditations and when you touched my head it felt like a liquid golden energy flowed in. I love your interpretations and guidance on myths, the Vedic texts, etc. It was all beautiful, profound and full of love.

I came without expectations and am leaving with a wealth of potential, feeling lighter, having shed some armor that no longer served.

The empowerment ritual had very powerful energy come through. I felt the Kundalini-Holy Spirit-heart connection. I was also impressed with the beautiful people who attended this weekend.

The Kundalini weekend spoke to my love of ceremony and experience beyond the mind. First was the preparation, the offering, the invitation to let go of “who you think you are”. It felt solemn and blessed. Then the movement to the descent, the unknown, the darkness. For me this was a time of struggle and resistance while simultaneously being held by the larger loving presence of the group. I can only relate it to the experience of giving birth, laboring in the service of new life. The final stage opened me to energy, light and peace. I was so aware of the thread that existed between all of us who had gone on this journey together. It is such a relief to remember that we are all one.
Clinical Social Worker

Words are difficult to convey what I feel, sense, experience – still, although the intense impact of the weekend has faded, the memory is still alive and I feel the Kundalini alive and active within me. I had no expectation of the intense experience of Kundalini moving through me again when I came to the retreat. But, in the safety you provided, your warmth,caring and presence, as well as your skill in preparing and leading us toward the Kundalini you created fertile ground for the Kundalini to emerge. I was open to the experience of the weekend, whatever it would be, with no fear or desire for anything to happen or not happen. It’s been 30 years since the last intense devastating cataclysmic experience with Kundalini, and I think I’ve been going through a lot of internal preparation for many years for this to open again. This experience was very different with the Light streaming down from above into the crown chakra moving through all the chakras, along with the intense vibrations, shaking, tears that flowed voluminously. It seems to me to be a full circle from the last experience, this time integrating rather than fracturing.
I feel different inside now – more solid and lighter – more connected internally and externally, many opposite qualities seeming to coexist side by side, marrying, joining, yet existing on their own within me as I feel more centered, open, connected on many levels – particularly to a vast pervasive quietness within that I am constantly aware of simply by turning my attention to the inner. Warmth and energy flows through my body as I continue to feel many signs of Kundalini within me. There’s a qualitative difference I feel inside since the retreat.

I can’t thank you enough, Lawrence, for your wonderful nurturing support for each of us as well as your openness and skill in facilitating the Kundalini emerging.
Business Woman

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