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Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Future as Rapture 

The Future as Rapture

Recently, as I was casting about for a title for my next book, the possibility of "Kundalini Splendor: The Future as Rapture" came to me.  It is a good title and I may in fact use it at some future date.  It has possibilities.

But then I had to ask myself how such a wondrous outcome for the future could manifest when the world is obviously falling into profound disarray on almost all levels.  I will not catalogue these here, since they are well known to almost all of us.  Books on the real potential for species (human) extinction and/or planet death already are in print.  From many perspectives, the outlook for the future of humanity as well as the planet we inhabit are grim.

Yet, I keep returning to my original vision, offered to me at the time of my own awakening experience now some 34 years ago.  What came through (as if by a download of channeled knowing) was that Kundalini offered access to total renewal of both individual recipients as well as entire populations––indeed to the total inhabitants of earth.  My experience indicated that anything could happen to anyone at any time or place.

Perhaps this sudden and spontaneous shift will come through a "wild card."  Some remedy or turn out of the blue, an impulse we are at present ignorant of, and would not recognize even if it suddenly emerged in the world.

The future is not completely in our hands.  We do not direct nor control such dramatic and transformative events, though we can certainly participate in efforts to slow the process of destruction now devastating our planet.  I am not advocating that we now simply sit on our hands and wait for a savior of some sort to arrive on a cloud from heaven.  But my experience tells me even this is possible––indeed events seemingly as strange as this have occurred in the past.  Who can say what the future holds, other than endless mystery?

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