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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Jeff Carriera, Craig Hamilton, meditation workshop 

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Dear Dorothy ,

For the past few weeks I’ve been telling people that my dear friend and fellow meditation teacher Craig Hamilton and I will be leading a virtual meditation workshop on Saturday, November 7.

We still are, and it’s free…

AND since I first mentioned it our plans have really expanded.

You see, as soon as we started talking about the content of our workshop we also started talking about how we could really support people to sustain the subtle and delicate consciousness of awakened mind – and let’s face it, one more workshop (no matter how powerful it is) won’t do it.

Many of us have tasted the peace and penetrating clarity of meditative states of consciousness and want our lives to be anchored in that. We also find that in the midst of life’s challenges we often lose equanimity, lucidity and perspective.

What would happen if we didn’t lose our inner balance even under stress?

What if the sacred dimensions of life were always in view?

Regular spiritual practice done on our own helps, but it also isn’t enough.

Over decades of dedicated practice we have made some fundamental discoveries about what it really takes to sustain higher awareness.

First we must gain fluency with essential inner postures and practices of an awakened mind.

Then we need to take time out periodically to spend extended periods of time immersed in meditative consciousness.

And finally, we need to have those profound depths of awareness activated and reactivated in our own being by a teacher who has the power to take us into them.

After a few weeks of conversation, Craig and I have decided that we want to work together to guide a group of people on a year-long adventure into the unchartable waters of awakening.

So in 2016 we will offer a year-long virtual program in which you will…

learn and strengthen the inner postures of awakened mind
have regular and convenient opportunities to immerse in awakened consciousness
experience the building momentum that comes from successive activations of awakening in your own being
work together in shared spiritual pursuit with individuals from around the world
engage deeply with both of us, as your teachers, guides and fellow travelers on a journey into mystery

Our free workshop on November 7 will introduce you to everything we’ve been discussing over the past few weeks and give you an experience of direct activation.
Actually we are not calling this a workshop. It is An Enlightenment Activation Session.

On November 7 you are invited to join us for a two-hour virtual Enlightenment Activation Session called “Essentials of Awakening.”

In this session you will learn about the inner postures of awakened mind and the role that immersion and activation play in maintaining it.

Much more importantly we will all sit together in the deepest part of our being and you will experience the power of activation from both of us.

We will also be sure to tell you about our plans for 2016 so that you can decide if you feel called to join a pioneering group that is dedicated to experiencing and maintaining awakened consciousness.

Our November 7 session is being offered at no cost – you don’t even have to register to attend.

Simply click on the link below at 10am Pacific Time (1pm Eastern) on Saturday November 7 to listen online, or dial-in by phone.

Essentials of Awakening
A Free Enlightenment Activation Session
with Jeff Carreira and Craig Hamilton

Saturday November 7
10am to Noon Pacific Time
(1pm to 3pm Eastern Time)

CLICK HERE to join.

We look forward to working with you,
Jeff Carreira

Our mailing address is:
Emergence Education
HeadHouse Square
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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