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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

John's Awakening--–She is You––Part 3 

You will love my little event of July, afterwhich I became pansexual. I spend third my interior time as female, third as transexual and third as male.

" This experience is beyond my comprehension but is still vivid in my mind.

As I lay in bed I practiced a method of rubbing the area below the navel and above and on the pubic bone, as i saw demonstrated in Tantra lessons. Suddenly it became very hot there and then became a huge wave of sensation. There was no physical male sexual arousal at all. In that moment I could physically feel myself physically as a young woman with hair flowing over my shoulders, a young Indian woman. I was in some sort of whole body orgasm, if it can be called that. It went on for many minutes.

After some time, I rolled over to my right side, at which time this female self separated from me, laying  behind me, and then she placed her arm over my body to my chest, placing her hand over my heart and I could feel her warm breath on my neck.

Then we merged again and all I could do was weep for joy and love of myself and said, ' Devi, Devi Devi, your love is all loves excelling.Never leave me." The orgasmic sensation continued and coursed through my body all night and next morning.

For days after I wept with joy while walking in the streets. I did not care who was looking at me.

Often, when, I talk or think of it and tears of joy flow down my cheeks, and often feel myself as her, inside, and smile.

Truly we are all Shiva and Shakti, all of us, Krishna and Radha.

May you all be blessed to know this, too. "

A poem that came to me,

She in you, loves you, as you, she is you,
He in you, loves you, as you, he is you,
Kisses in the night, petals of starlight,
Entwining  ecstasy, a hand on your heart,
Breath on your neck, tears of joy,
Two within the one, one within the two,
Forever facing, in eternal embrace.

(What John may not realize that the sense of union with or even mating with a god or goddess is very common in myth and legend, as well in human experience.  Think of all the tales of Zeus mating with mortals, or even Mary being impregnated by a god.  The sense of ecstasy is such that one feels intimately connected with deities of various kind.  Even nuns become the "bride of Christ," for this sense of supreme bliss seems as though it arises from other than the human plane.)


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