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Thursday, October 01, 2015



(for all who have undergone Awakening)

Something will happen.
You will be going along,
managing your life,
even with the occasional migraine,
the stomach upset,
and then the unexpected will

You will name it rapture
and contemplate pictures of
Saint Teresa in ecstasy.

You will think,
"Why me"?

You will give up smoking
and become a vegetarian.

You will feel exquisite waves
of bliss flow through
your body,
every time you do
your version of yoga.

You will try to learn
ta'i chi, and find it is complicated,
but even then
the tiny moves will stir
ripples of delight
in your arms, your legs.

You will see the world
as a panorama of beauty,
everyone you meet
will be another version
of you.

Love will be all you are
interested in,
love for others,
dogs on leashes,
trash at the curb,
lost homeless.

You will have entered

And you will ask again,
"Why me?"

Dorothy Walters
September 26, 2015

Note: After reading Ellen Bass's brilliant poem, I attempted to write a secular poem in her style.  I found I was not able to write with the ironic distancing that she uses in the early part of her  poem. I then switched to something with more sacred content and this is what I came up with.  

Ours is mainly a time of ironic observation rather than unabashed commitment to the transcendent.  Yet, Rumi remains the most widely read poet in America, for obviously he speaks to the deep hunger within for connection with Source.

With Kundalini, irony becomes impossible.  It is the total reality, and there is no way to make ironic observations about it if one is experiencing its power.

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