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Monday, November 02, 2015

In the Golden Dream––poem by Dorothy 

In the Golden Dream

In the Golden Dream
we are the prince and the princess

We travel abroad
in our Golden Chariot,
from cloud to cloud,
sun to distant stars.

Back home we live in a universe
that is constantly beautiful--
faces of those we love
or have not yet met,
landscapes filled
with magic lakes,
waterspouts, dunes,
trash heaped at the gutter's edge,
forgotten letters--
all radiant, glistening,
touched to beauty.

Then one day
we awaken
and discover that
the sheen is gone--
the world is dull, laid over with
the usual we know so well,
the forgotten dust
of the years.

We arise
and face another day
and wonder what it was
that held us so before.

Dorothy Walters
November 1, 2015

Note:  When we first awaken, we often undergo a period of seeing and feeling the world as if it is one beautiful spectacle after another.  It is easy to feel a loving connection with all we see and all we meet.  This heightened state of awareness can last a very long time, even for years.  But all too often transcendence is followed by a return to mundane existence.  Our glorious experiences disappear, and we are left with the dull repetition of the daily and a memory of what we seem to have lost.

Yet often the time of loss is followed by a return to the exalted state.  Once more, we know heaven on earth.

Such cycles of joy and despair are typical of the transformation process.  Each is a reminder that nothing in this world is permanent, for all is constant change and flow––including ourselves.

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