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Friday, November 06, 2015

Jeff Carriera––A Group Energetic Awakening:  

Jeff Carriera is a writer, master teacher, and intrepid explorer on the spiritual path.  Until a few years ago, he was a close associate of Andrew Cohen, founder and publisher of the publication then entitled "What is Enlightenment?" and later "Enlightenment Now."  During his time with this publication, he was part of a small group that regularly met together to meditate and share insights.  Here is an account of one of the illuminating experiences that Jeff experienced with the group.  He says it was "almost a collective Kundalini awakening."  Jeff will have a new book appearing soon: "The Soul of a New Self: Embracing the Future of Being Human."

Once the last person was fully present, there was
no longer any fear, hesitation, ambivalence, or
separation in the field of consciousness between us.
There was no murkiness, no uncertainty, and no
doubt. There was a clear and direct perception that
we were all experiencing. We were participating in a
singular emergence of higher consciousness together.
When any of us spoke, it came from the same source
of awareness. We were now all connected to a higher
mind that was free to examine its experience of reality
through our conversation. We were allowing a
collective being to experience itself through us.
The moment when that last individual entered
fully into the collective awakening experience was
very dramatic for me. At that instant a burst of energy
swept through us. It swirled faster and faster around
the circle, and then it shot straight upward. The top
of my head opened up to the heavens, and a
profound power surged through me. It felt like a
collective kundalini awakening. I felt the stars above
me through the opening in the top of my head, and I
knew that we had become a portal to another
universe. In my eyes light was shining through us and
swirling around everyone in the room. Here is the
journal entry in which I shared my first thoughts
about that moment:
When we meet together, a perception is available to me
that is not available when I am alone. Initially I feel a
building intensity of energy and anticipation, and then my
awareness seems to spontaneously fall out of focus for a
moment. When my focus returns, I recognize that I am
now in the REAL. Today it seemed that God was given
direct access to the world, not as the revelation of any
particular individual, but as a free independent entity
formed in the recognition of Oneness shared by many
persons simultaneously. We all saw ourselves in every
other and recognized the One that we all are. Those of us
who had the honor of being present to this moment of
collective awakening were given the most precious gift—the
opportunity to see the world through the eyes of God.
In each meeting we would explore spiritual truths
with a power of illumination and insight that none of
us had ever known before. It was also clear that this
was an awakening that was held between us, not
inside of us as individuals. We each expressed
ourselves uniquely, but nothing we said belonged to
any of us. For three weeks our meetings retained a
wildly energetic quality. After the retreat, the intensity
slowly diminished over a period of months.

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