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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

About Acupuncture 

About Acupuncture

Yes, acupuncture does wonders for many people.  Many experience relief from arthritis pain and complete cure for other ailments.

But acupuncture is not for everyone, as I recently learned to my sorrow.  I hurt my leg on Friday 13 of November as I was attempting to board a bus after an acupuncture treatment.  I lost all strength in my leg and was left clinging to the side rails, unable to go either up or down.  Finally, some kind young people helped me get on, and I was able to walk the 3 blocks to my door when I got off.

But that was just the beginning of my troubles.  I developed an extreme bruise (hematoma) on my outer calf and spent the following weeks going in and out of the ER as well as time in the hospital itself.  I developed a new respect for pain, for I experienced more during this period than I had ever imagined possible.

Finally, I got back home and continue to have almost daily visits from caregivers of one sort or another.

Why do I think acupuncture was the cause of this?  Because some weeks earlier, I had experienced a somewhat similar episode.  I had had a successful treatment and was walking home (about 8 blocks) when suddenly I began having trouble walking and soon was hanging onto cars and poles trying to reach my address.  When I told the acupuncturist what happened, she attributed my response to dehydration.  I accepted this diagnosis.

However, on September 13, she used a different form of needles, called, I believe acu
stem.  In this procedure the needles have an electrical charge, with the idea that this intensified approach will speed up the healing process.  This charge was I believe clearly not intended for the likes of me.  When I reported my accident, she checked with her friends and found that such needles should be used carefully, taking into account the age and condition of the subject.  Obviously, I was too old for such treatment, and, further, as I had explained to her, I was extremely sensitive and could have unexpected reactions to new treatments as well as prescription drugs.

I have spent the last 5 weeks recovering from this accident.  I am happy to report that I am now pain free and almost completely recovered.

I have read somewhere that acupuncture benefits some 20% of people, harms another 20%, and has no effect on the rest.  Clearly it is not the right treatment for me, and I would suspect others with the extremely  sensitive nervous system that kundalini can produce.  One writer reported that after a determined practitioner inserted only 2 needles, she became violently ill and ended up throwing up in her car.  Somehow these health practitioners simply cannot believe how very sensitive our nervous systems can be and go ahead as if we followed the norms.

Listen to your body.  Find what is right for you.  Watch out for those who refuse to believe you when you explain your unusual state of being.  Once you undergo kundalini awakening, you become a special case, and the health giver may do more harm than good,

I am immensely grateful to be almost fully recovered from my mishap and hope to avoid both acupuncture and buses in future.

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