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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One person's Kundalini experience 

I received the following from a correspondent recently.  It is yet another example of the possible effects of Kundalini arousal.  The writer is obviously not a native English speaker, so please overlook any grammatical errors.

Hello Dorothy

My experience was the most frightening and exciting at the same time. I was 30 years old . I thought I was losing my mind and I felt a feminine presence near but I couldn't see nobody. I felt at this moment that I was more than flesh and bones. We're all made of that powerful and divine energy. I wish it could've last forever but that mysterious event was there to teach me something. Almost 10 years after the awakening I still don't have all the answers but I changed for the better. I became more spiritual and a bit psychic.
Sensitive to energies and people around me, like I can read them easily. I became more positive . Close friends told me that they can feel my energy as if my frequency is vibrating higher than normal. I was told also that my presence my voice or my laughter can heal people in a certain way... Every day I learn a bit more about this event and about myself...

Thanks Dorothy

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