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Thursday, January 14, 2016

When Rapture Falls Away 

When Rapture Falls Away

As many of you know, rapture often accompanies Kundalini awakening, sometimes alternating with pain.  I have experienced many years of rapture (along with intermittent pain), which was quite strong in the beginning years, and which then began to taper off in intensity and frequency through the following years (since l981).  For many of the past several months, I have felt nothing at all in the way of bliss or even the "neutral" flow of the energies within, and feared this loss was a sign of being disconnected from the Beloved.  This thought was depressing, even though I knew that such "dry spells" often were part of the process.

So I talked with my friend Andrew Harvey about my concern (he is, in my view, the wisest man on the planet), and he told me not to worry about this apparent loss, for I was now entering a kind of "post rapture" state, in which the primary aspect was quiet contentment and a feeling of being in harmony with the world.  I was quite relieved to learn this, and so was quickly reconciled to this new state of awareness.

Then, today, quite unexpectedly, I found myself feeling sweet energies flowing when I did my simple body movements.  As always, I was instinctively circling my hands a few inches from the body and the very soft, very gentle energy flows seemed to come from touching the auric (subtle) body.  Last night on his webinar Andrew quoted from the Gospel of Thomas: "The inside shall be as the outside, and the outside shall be as the inside."  For me, this is a perfect description of feeling the energies through the subtle body.  In that state, we seem to feel on both levels--physical and spiritual.  It is the perfect combination of "inner" and "outer" and is, I believe, an essential part of our progress toward becoming a "divinized" human.

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