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Friday, January 15, 2016

Why Bliss Matters 

Some teachers warn us not to pay any attention to bliss states, but to move ahead to the next experience, forgetting all bliss that may have come our way previously.

I believe indeed that there are many ways of going up the mountain--some are quiet states of well being and connection to the vastness of the universe.  But rapture (bliss) is (I believe) a very important way in itself for those of us fortunate enough to experience it.

Earlier I wrote about how disconnected from the Beloved I felt when bliss waves seemed to vanish from my practice.  Then it seemed to return yesterday and also today.  I do not see bliss (rapture) as a narcissistic indulgence, but rather as an affirmation of our connection with the cosmic love force of the universe (Kundalini).  When rapture enters your consciousness it contributes to the long process of rewiring your nervous system, and that is one of the primary goals of Kundalini itself.  To refuse it would be like turning your back on God.

And when it appears (it chooses its own time to manifest) it becomes (I think) your own precious contribution to the love field of the universe.  I think that is what we are together striving for, for in that way (among others) we help to create the "divine human" that many have talked about.

The divine human will not be a being who thinks his/her way to salvation.  The divine human will indeed have advanced intellectual insights, but that evolved state of consciousness will be felt in every iota of the subtle body and we will all sway together in that indescribable field of love.  Each moment of bliss we experience here in the physical/subtle body helps to move all of us forward to that supreme state.

If it can happen to a few, why not to all?

Rapture is simply another name for love, and now lover and Beloved are one.

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