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Thursday, February 18, 2016

A New and Rather Strange Practice 

Yesterday, after I studied the Spanda Karikas edition I have described earlier, I had one of the sweetest "bliss outs" in a long time (as I did my slow movement practice with circling hands.)

Today also, was delightful, but it occurred in a totally new fashion that "just came to me."

I had noticed that my energies seemed to be very "alive" this morning, even as I moved a little bit doing simply things in the kitchen.  When I went into my practice space (in my dressing room) I picked up a towel from the floor and folded it into a rather small rectangle.  Then for some reason I began to move the towel (holding corners with both hands) back and forth and then in circles and discovered that I was feeling sweet energies flowing as much as it often has when I held a vial of essential oil (Frankincense and Amber) or perhaps empty handed.  This effect seemed unusual, to say the least.

Once more, I am given a practice that I have never heard of or expected.

This journey is filled with surprises--indeed,  I think we are called upon to keep on refining our energies in various ways in preparation for becoming pure vibrational beings when we transit to another plane.

And I think that each of us has to discover for ourselves the approach that is best for us at the level at which we are at the moment, and allow the process to carry us forward.

Question: Did my unexpectedly sensitive reaction today have to do with the fact that I had been reading about a crystal healing workshop online just before it began?  Who knows what energies we can pick up just from reading pieces on the internet?  We resonate constantly with one another and move ahead together.

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