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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sally Kempton on Kundalini 

Kundalini: The Living Flame of Your Conscious Evolution

Kundalini is the subtle energy that evolves human consciousness to its highest  levels. As Kundalini  wakes up inside you, it draws you into a new and  radical intimacy with your inner Self. The gifts of kundalini are legendary. Whether dramatic or subtle, it is the only force on earth that can fully transform your experience of your life. As Kundalini  purifies and awakens your body, it brings insight and intuition alive, wakes up love in the heart, unties knots in your chakras, and transforms your outlook on every level. Kundalini can plunge you into deep meditation. It’s greatest gift is to dissolve the veils and illusions that keep you from experiencing your true connection with the world and God.

Sally Kempton

In my view, Sally Kempton is one of the wisest wisdom teachers among us. Look her up, if you have not done so already.  Read her books.  You will learn from them.  She does not simply repeat what others have said before her.  Hers is indeed a remarkable voice, once sorely needed at this time in our history.

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