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Friday, March 11, 2016

Entering the Bliss Field Once More 

Often, when I go days (or sometimes weeks) without feeling the bliss, it returns unexpectedly in surprising moments.  Such was what happened again today.

I could tell even as I moved about the kitchen this morning, that the sweet energies were stirring.  I have learned that one must "catch joy as it flies" because to delay means losing a chance for divine connection.  So I started my familiar (current) practice--one I have difficulty explaining and which I cannot readily teach to others.

What I do is extremely simple.  While standing, I circle my hips slightly, while letting my arms and hands rotate gently at my sides.  As I continue to move in this way, my hands swing out in larger and larger circles, often as far as I can reach.  Exquisite energies are now flowing within.

Next, I begin to circle my hands in front of my body, beginning with the lower chakras and working my way up.  I never touch the physical body, but keep my hands several inches away, depending on how strong the energies are that day.  (I have mentioned earlier that there is a "Touchless Carwash" in San Francisco.  I joke that my practice involves 'Touchless Rapture.")

Sometimes the bliss comes, sometimes not.  Today it returned in full force throughout my system.  At times I wondered how long I could sustain such ecstasy.  My session lasted about 30-45 minutes.  I did not want to stop.  I thought to myself that I was like anyone practicing an art or skill––such as a musician who refines her technique through many hours and years of practice, or an athlete who repeats her moves many, many times.  My nervous system is now sensitized to respond at a very high frequency (during these sessions of  an "altered" state of consciousness.

 The sensations are indeed ineffable, but I am certain that all of us will experience such rapture either in this life or the afterlife.

Next week, I will celebrate my 88th birthday.  Though I am generally in good health, I do bear certain evidence of the aging process  I am stooped like many my age.  I can no longer read books as such.  Hair, eyes, ears, teeth, stability––all show the wear and tear of many years.

Yet the bliss returns again and again in extreme rapture.  How is this possible?

Apparently the Divine does not care how old you are nor what you look like.  Once established, the bond is––seemingly––unbreakable.  Indeed, Kundalini is "God moving through you body," in the ultimate mystery.

Sometimes after such exquisite sessions, I wonder if indeed I am sort sort of alien or even a specimen of a new species.  I can share these experiences with very few people, but I think it is possible that we such explorers do in fact represent the "Future Human," for the human race is indeed being modified in this "next" stage of our evolution on this or some other planet.  To undergo such transformation is not easy, but I believe that this is why we came.

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