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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Radiant Babies 

Sharon Wesch now teaches parents and grandparents how to create a "radiant baby."  The key is love, beginning with the infant in the womb.

Many babies are in fact not wanted.  They pick up even in utero on the rejection that they are facing.  When they are surrounded by love, they become "radiant babies," and when they are born they have bright shining auras.  They know that they are coming into a welcoming world, where they can freely love and be loved from the moment of their birth.

I think many of us were born to ambivalent mothers.  We knew that we were not totally welcome, yet there was no way to avoid our fate.  Even though we did not suffer overt abuse or rejection, we sensed that we were a burden, yet there was no escape from our fate.  Imagine that you are dependent on someone who really does not want you in their lives.  The result can be a lifetime of self rejection, a feeling that one is in someway inadequate.

I think the rapture of kundalini can do a lot to amend this sense of unworthiness.  When we are infused with total love from the divine, when we experience the ecstasy of union with the Beloved Within, we can shuck off our feelings of failure and know that in fact we are perfect, for we are now wed to the Ultimate Lover--the unseen divine reality.

As for me, I was almost aborted when I was in the womb.  At the last minute (the night before the appointment), my mother was ready to take some prescribed medication to prepare--but then a voice within said, "Don't take that," and she followed this advice.  Otherwise, I would not be here writing this.  I don't know where the voice came from nor what its purpose was, but it gave me a chance to find my destiny in this physical world and to discover what I was supposed to be and contribute in this lifetime.

Note:  Today was my birthday.  I am now 88 years old.  I feel quite blessed in many, many ways, including my incredible friends who surround me with love.  And, of course, I am amazed and grateful that Kundalini still visits.

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