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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Andrew Harvey, New Dimensions, Bede Griffith, Kundalini 

(what I saw from my window this morning)

I just listened to an interview by Andrew Harvey from the New Dimensions site.  It was a real blockbuster.  He spoke on several topics that were new from Andrew (such as the passion of the artist, the need for each of us to spend time alone, the need for forgiving those who have wounded us, and more.)

Andrew's great friend and mentor was Father Bede Griffith, an Anglican monk who set up an Ashram in India with the intent of founding a "Christian Yoga."  He lived a very austere life and attracted many followers.  As he neared the end of his life he had an extreme transformation in which he felt divine light pour into his head and then travel through his body all the way to his root chakra.  Even his sexual centers were reawakened.

For Bede, this was a transfiguration experience, akin to those of various saints in the past. Many of these had "sanctified bodies."  When their remains were dug up years later, they were perfectly preserved.

I believe that Bede's own transformation experience was classic Kundalini awakening, beginning with the crown and then moving down his chakras all the way to his root.  Whatever terminology you use, Kundalini itself (the great goddess of all goddesses) is the central life force, the creative energy of the universe itself.  We all carry it in its dormant form but more and more people are having spontaneous arousal of these incredible ecstatic energies within.  Kundalini is a supreme sacred experience.  It is bringing us to our next step in the evolution of the race.  It is the unexpected "wild card" that could
save our planet and our species.

But such transformation is for most of us not an easy process.   We must move ahead incrementally, slowly building bodies that can carry these new energies.  This can be a difficult and even painful process but as we move forward we are becoming the divine human that many have predicted.

Andrew has just published a book with Haye Press called "Seymour: Play Life More Beautifully."  I strongly recommend it and will discuss it in a future post.  In the meantime, listen to the interview on New Dimensions (I think it is on KGNU.)

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