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Friday, April 01, 2016

Dying to Live––Ram Das and Timothy Leary––fabulous movie! 

This movie is about the life and times of Ram Das and Timothy Leary. The movie traces the the rise of the psychedelic movement as well as the spiritual conversion to Eastern religion of Ram Das. It depicts their close friendship through the years right up to the time of Leary's death and offers their differing thoughts about the nature and implications of death itself.

Leary spend many years in jail for his drug activities, often in solitary confinement for possession of marijuana and experiments with LSD.

Ram Das was one of the main players in bringing Eastern thought to the West. Through it all, they remained close and loving friends, Leary felt death was the end. Ram Das was convinced that consciousness continues long after death, for we are not composed of our material bodies alone
It is extremely well done––one of the best movie experiences I have had in a long time.
I myself do not do drugs, but I am convinced that Kundalini itself stimulates the drugs we already possess within, and thus can provide bliss beyond most "drug" trips. And, for me, the bliss is indeed "God moving through your body." If we can experience this now, why not after we die?

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