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Saturday, April 23, 2016

John Gray, from "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"--about Kundalini Rapture and Pain 

John Gray published the above book several years ago.  Here is an excerpt from that book.  Here he is speaking about romance between heterosexual couples.  However, I think this description might also apply to the love between human and the Beloved Within (Kundalini).  It may well arise.  

In addition, I wonder if the increase in both  dopamine and serotonin then are often followed by a "letdown," as these chemicals are now diminished in the brain.  This same sadness and even migraines can occur after intercourse.

After I experienced intense rapture recently while I wad listening to Mozart, I had a terrible migraine next day (after 30 years free of such) and similar headaches continued (in lesser form) for many days.

This link with a physical cause in no way invalidates the connection with the divine that is part of Kundalini bliss.  The divine does not operate in a vacuum, but goes within to embody this mystical union.  The ecstasy of union is not a "nothing but" experience even though it has a physical basis.

Here is the excerpt from Gray's book:

The best way to increase romance and ecstasy in a relationship is trying new things. I don’t mean in the bedroom, although that can certainly help. I mean new activities, planning dates to new places, enjoying new conversations or new experiences together as a couple.

It’s easier to bring back the newness in a relationship when you understand the brain chemicals associated with falling in love. One of the things that happen when we fall in love is the dopamine levels in your brain skyrocket. Dopamine creates the feelings of pleasure. Another thing that happens is serotonin levels rise in your brain. Serotonin creates the feelings of optimism and helps you think positive.

So the newness of a relationship stimulates the feelings of pleasure (dopamine) and optimism (serotonin). When you have a balanced production of dopamine and serotonin, your brain creates GABA. GABA makes you feel happy and ecstatic. These are the three brain chemicals that get created when we are experiencing romance and ecstasy in a relationship: dopamine, serotonin and GABA.

Certainly alcohol, MDMA and other drugs can cause you to feel ecstasy and romantic, but these are not good for your brain, body or relationship. Fortunately, there are natural supplements on the market today that can help stimulate these brain chemicals and cause you to feel more romantic without the negative side effects. Watch my video to hear what products will help you and your partner feel more romantic this Friday night.

John Bray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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