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Monday, April 25, 2016

More on Kundalini, Migraines, and sex 

As I read more about the relationship of Kundalini and migraines, I discovered that there is in fact something called "pre-orgasm" which can trigger a migraine.  This state can arouse excitement and Kundalini itself is exciting when it involves  rapture.  Although it does not lead to orgasm (at least, not for me), it definitely has an erotic tone which I have often thought of as similar to feelings before but not during sex (don't do this any more, anyway).

This excitement in fact stems from increased levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.  A nurse friend suggested that it might even increase adrenalin levels in the system.
Thus, when the excitement subsides and we "come down" to normal, we can no longer sustain the high energies.

I think that this explanation accounts for why I had a migraine next day after the intense pleasure I experienced at the Mozart concert I described before.  Although I now often feel gentle bliss when doing my morning energy practice, I do not have headaches afterward.  I now believe my latest episode of migraine was indeed brought on by the extreme rapture I felt during the concert.

So, I will have to be more cautious in this area in future.  Darn!

But I am grateful to have found an explanation that makes sense.

P.S.  When I had called about another matter, I also told the nurse about the "Mozart Effect" and the headache that followed, and she recognized what rapture was and was not shocked when I spoke of Kundalini.  She said her father also often responded with rapture and tears listening to classical music, though he did not call it Kundalini.  I was astonished that she was so accepting of my description, for often we are afraid to mention Kundalini to medics of any kind, since they will sometimes decide we suffer from some sort of mental or psychological disorder.

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