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Monday, April 11, 2016

Mozart's Requiem 


Imagine a Buddha
with light around
her head.
Her ear, the one
you are sleeping in.

Her breath,
the rhythm of your sleep,
your body her sounding board.

You are the one she has come for.
Now is your moment of honey and fire.

You sit in the midst of your silence.

The world tide recedes, taking even your name.

You cry out as the light enters your heart.

Dorothy Walters
from "Unmasking the Rose: A Record of a Kundalini Initiation"
Also included in "Some Kiss We Want" (forthcoming)

After Kundalini awakening, when one is in proper alignment, music becomes a truly transcendent experience.  It no longer appears to arise from outside your body, but rather seems to emanate from within.  Indeed, your body becomes a sounding board, resonating in bliss with each note and tone.

Such was my experience recently as I listened to a live performance of Mozart's "Requiem," composed literally as he himself lay dying.  Such experiences are, of course, ineffable, but to listen is to feel that one should drop to her knees before such majesty.

This is the music I would like to leave by.

However, Kundalini is unpredictable.  Next day I did not feel well at all.  I guess that when one experiences such high frequencies, it is hard to go down to the normal range again.

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