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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Day Love was Illumined--Abu-Said Abl-Kheir 

The day Love was illumined
By Abu-Said Abil-Kheir
(967 - 1049)

English version by Vraje Abrasion
(from Nobody Son of Nobody)

The day Love was illumined,
Lovers learned from You how to burn, Beloved.

The flame was set by the Friend
to give the moth a gate to enter.

Love is a gift from the Beloved to the Lover.

Although this poet lived some 200 years before Rumi, his work focuses on many of the same themes, for these are common to Sufi poets for many generations.  This is a poem about the Lover and the Beloved and the "flame" of longing experienced in the mystical journey.  This heat is often felt by those undergoing Kundalini awakening, which is itself a highly mystical process, often following the stages as described by mystics of all eras.
Ultimately the lover becomes One with the Beloved, consumed in the flame of Love and thus she loses all sense of a separate self, for she is now Nobody Son of Nobody.

Abu-Said was the first Sufi poet to use the language and images of secular love to describe the sacred mystical process.

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